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Houseboat rental in Berlin licence-free

Start of Season 2024

We will begin renting out boats on April 13th this year. Of course you can already book in advance for the 2024 season anytime online here. Ahoy and see you soon!

Let us introduce you to our Wasserkutsche, our electric-powered and environmentally friendly houseboats for exploring Berlin’s most beautiful corners. With careful attention to detail, our houseboats are easy to handle, spacious and versatile. Not to mention a lot of fun! Whether you voyage down the Spree or the Havel rivers, along one of Berlin’s canals or across the lakes dotted around the edge of the city, our wooden houseboats will get you there.

The good news is you don’t need a license: after a briefing from our team you’ll become a captain in no time, allowing you to set sail along Berlin’s waterways. Whether you fancy a day-trip with your kids to the nearest beach, a team-building voyage for your company, a wedding or birthday to remember, or a longer trip with overnight stays under starry skies, our houseboats are the perfect vessel. From houseboats that sleep up to four crew-members to our flagship Rossi with space for up to six, we offer an experience that is both exciting and relaxing. And we’re pretty sure there is no better way to see Berlin than from one of our lovingly crafted boats. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to cast off!

Everything on board!

Life vests
Fresh water
Gas cooker
Sleeping berths
Electric powered

Tours to remember!

Unforgettable journeys on the waterways of Berlin and Brandenburg

The possibilities of the rivers, lakes and canals of Berlin are endless, from deserted beaches surrounded by nature to old industrial ruins decorated with street art and urban harbours right in the heart of Kreuzberg. From the water you’ll be given a new and fascinating glimpse of the city, and we’re here to help you plan your perfect tour with our boats.

There are a couple of things you need to consider, namely how much time you have and the capacity of the batteries on board the Wasserkutsche houseboats. If you drive with full power, you will need a recharge after two hours on the water. If you are happy with a more moderate speed, you can be out for eight hours and if you are really chilled you can push this to whopping twelve hours before you need to load up again.

We can help you choose the ideal destination for your tour and give precise information about how long it will take and the speed you should travel. We can also tell you where there are jetties with recharging possibilities along the way, all marked on the waterways map that we will give you.

Our normal schedule works as follows: Come to our pier close to Oberbaum Bridge at around 10am where you will get your detailed briefing about the houseboat. You can then either return the boat by 7pm, or on one of the following days at the same time. The longer the period you book, the cheaper each day becomes on average.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite tours:

Central location in the heart of Kreuzberg