A special event? We can create the gift voucher for you

There can’t be many more spectacular gifts than a voucher for a ride through Berlin on one of our houseboats. Whether for the love of your life, your kids, granny or even for yourself! It could be a children’s party or a romantic journey through the city, a trip with friends for swimming and a barbecue at the Lange See lake or as a party boat with a DJ. The possibilities are endless and there are no limits to your imagination. Give someone close to you an experience they’ll never forget with one of our gift vouchers!

Please note that you must enter a date when booking a voucher. This is a confusing quirk in our shop system which we unfortunately haven't been able to get rid of yet. This randomly selectable time period does NOT guarantee that there is a boat free on that day or reserved for you! The recipient of the gift voucher code can use it in our online shop to pay for any boat and rental period depending on availability, regardless of which date you will enter in the next step once you click on 'order voucher'. :)

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