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Team Wasserkutsche

We take care of you!

If you book with us you are joining a family, because that is how we see ourselves. Everything about our houseboats is done in-house. We built them ourselves, maintain them ourselves and equip them ourselves. It’s a labour of love! Our “boss” is Jan, who learned boatbuilding in New Zealand, Greece and Switzerland, and the first boat he ever built – a dugout canoe – was on Zanzibar. Jan’s workshop is in Kreuzberg, where he and his team restore classic wooden boats.

Our charming harbourmaster is Maria. She will instruct you and give you all the information you need before you set sail on our houseboat. A water rat par excellence, Maria has travelled via the waterways from Berlin to Barcelona and exists almost purely on fish.

Julia is known as our CIA – the Central Intelligence Agent – and she is the quality manager, making sure the icing on the cake is indeed the icing on the cake.