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Booking and Pricing

How much does a day on the boat cost?

The prices depend on the season and rental period, please check our price lists for Wasserkutsche and Rossi. Included in the price are a comprehensive introduction/briefing to the boat and cleaning charges (excluding big messes).

Can I buy a gift voucher? How long is it valid?

Gift vouchers can be purchased here and can be used to book a boat online by the recipient depending on availability. Vouchers are valid for 2 years.

How long in advance should I book?

Weekends and during school holidays tend to be busy so booking ahead is advisable. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. We might make a spontaneous exception if you call 🙂

Do I need to leave a deposit?

Yes, please bring the deposit of 250 Euro in cash with you on the day of your trip.

What if the weather is bad?
Rain is no cause for concern – the cabin is weatherproof and the captain can borrow rainproof gear. If case of predicted wind forces of six or more you must enter a protecting port or stay there. If you can’t start your trip because of weather conditions we shall keep the down payment and agree on an alternative date with you.

Opening Hours and Boat Handover

When is the office open?

The office opening hours depend on the season and rental situation, so please make an appointment prior to visiting us.
You can reach us by phone Monday to Saturday from 10am – 6pm or if you can’t, we’ll call you back.

At what time does the boat handover take place?
The boat handover takes place after the practical instruction/briefing (six days per week/ Monday to Saturday). The briefing generally takes place at 10am and takes about one hour. Boats must be returned by 7pm. Any exceptions must be discussed with us beforehand.
Where do I board the boat?

Board and disembark the Wasserkutsche, Momme and Zilius at Schlesische Straße 28, 10997 Berlin.

The Rossi is moored at a different marina and will be waiting for you at the Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg.

The Boats

What is on board and what should I bring?

We have put together an inventory and packing list for you to download to help you prepare for your trip!

How many passengers are allowed on the boat and how many can sleep on it?

The Wasserkutsche is licensed for max. eight people (we recommend six) and has bunks for four.

The Rossi is licensed for max. ten people and has bunks for five.

Does the boat has seperate bedrooms?

No, the Wasserkutsche has one big bunk (220 x 180 cm) for three and one single bunk (200 x 65 cm). The Rossi has two bunks for two to three people each.

Is there water on board?

There are 60 liters of freshwater on board the Wasserkutsche and 250 liters on board the Rossi for washing.

It is regular tap water quality when we fill it in, but since it is stored in plastic tanks within the boats, we don’t recommend drinking it.

Drinking water for drinking and cooking can be purchased for 5 Euros per 5 liters from us or bring your own.

What about children on board?

The boats do not have rails. We recommend that children wear life vests at all times on deck.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes and no. Goldfish or snake – no problem. Animals with hair and claws – problem. We love dogs (especially dachshunds!), but the experience of the last years has shown that most dogs feel more comfortable on land, and there are always difficulties with hair removal during cleaning, even though your darling is housebroken and well-behaved. So we highly recommend placing your pet with a sitter. If you still want to try, then under the following conditions:
Wasserkutsche: We will take the bedding and fleece blankets off the boat. You will need to bring your own bedding, covers, sheets and mats for the decks if required. Please also bring a basket or blanket for your pet so it has its own place. It is not allowed on the cushions. Book the surcharge “pet” (60€) in the second booking step.
Momme & Zilius: We take the cushions off the boat. Please bring a basket or blanket for your pet so it has its own place. Book the surcharge “pet” (60€) in the second booking step.
Rossi & Schnabel: Pets are not allowed.

Can I bring my bicycle?

No, you may not take your bike on board. Folding bicycles which are stored in bags are permitted.

Can i leave the boat by itself?

Yes, you can leave the boat securely moored and padlocked.

What is the boat equipped and furnished with?

On board the Wasserkutsche there are bunks for four people including blankets and pillows, a table with three seats, a fridge, two gas hotplates, pots, plates etc., a camping toilet, light and electricity, 60 liters of freshwater, life vests, a swimming ladder, fire extinguisher, first aid box. Additional extras (like a barbeque, sound system, weatherproof gear, drinking water and much more) can be booked as well.

The Rossi is equipped with bunks for five people including blankets and pillows, a table with 6-8 seats, a fridge, two gas hotplates, pots, plates etc., a toilet compartment, a sound system with radio/CD/USB and connection for your own player), light and electricity, 250 liters of freshwater, life vests, a swimming ladder, fire extinguisher, first aid box. Additional extras like a barbeque, bed linen, rain gear and more can be booked as well.

Do i have to bring bed linen and towels?

Blankets and pillows are on board, bed linen and towels are not. You can either bring your own or rent some from us for 8 Euro per person.

Can I barbecue on the boat?

Yes, if you borrow one of our fancy barbecues that do not become warm on the outside and have a special “cage” for the coals. You’ll find it under the ‘Extras’ while booking.

Bringing your own barbecue is not permitted as the boats are built completely of wood any may be damaged by heat.

How long does one gas cartridge for cooking last?

According to the manufacturer, one gas cartrige lasts for about 75 minutes – so for about 15 fried eggs 🙂

You can buy extra cartridges from us if you plan to do a lot of cooking.

Can i smoke on the boat?

Please don’t smoke in the boat. You can smoke on deck, but please don’t throw cigarette butts into the water.

What is a camping toilet?

The camping toilets on board the Wasserkutschen are portable toilets which work with disposable bags which you seal up after doing your business in them and then dispose of in a regular trash bin. There is no separate toilet cabin. The idea of the camping toilet is to use it for emergencies, we advise going while on land if possible.

The Rossi has a proper toilet cabin with a built in toilet and tank.

How long do the batteries last?

Depending on your driving style the Wasserkutsche’s batteries last 3-10 hours. At half speed (about 5 km/h) they will last for about 8 hours.

The Rossi’s batteries last 5-15 hours depending on your speed. At half speed (about 6 km/h) they will last for about 8 hours.

Where can i charge the boat’s batteries?

The batteries can be charged at all piers marked with a ‘yellow wave’ where you will find water, electricity and sanitary facilities for a few Euros, and in ports/marinas, restaurants, yacht clubs, etc.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

Charging takes 6-10 hours at maximum discharge (80%).

Are there any additional gasoline costs?

The boats are powered by an electric motor. Gasoline is only necessary for the generator (emergency power generator). Any incidental costs will be charged according to consumption per liter and the current market price.

Boating and Routes

Do I need a boat driving licence or boat experience?

For the Wasserkutsche you don’t need either – the boat has a 2KW electric motor and can be steered without a license. You will receive a comprehensive one-hour  introduction/briefing from us.

To rent the Rossi either a license or corresponding experience with boats is necessary.

Where can I go by boat?

There is a detailed map of waterways on board. In the inner city, the Spree is off-limits to our boats (smaller than 15 PS). Other than that there are hardly any restrictions. Via the canals you can also navigate the city center.

Check out our route suggestions here.

Where can I moor the boat?

Boats can be moored at many piers and in ports/marinas, restaurants and yacht clubs that are marked as having guest moorings with the ‘yellow wave’ symbol.

On board our houseboats you will have a detailed map of the waterways including all the guest moorings with telephone numbers and facilities. A guest mooring for a Wasserkutsche including electricity to charge the boat and sanitary facilities costs around 15€ on average.

Where can I anchor the boat?

Boats can be anchored in rivers and lakes where it is not explicitly prohibited. You are not allowed to anchor in navigation channels and canals.

Can I go to the city center by boat?

The inner city area of ​​Berlin between the Oberbaumbrücke in the east and the Kanzleramtssteg in the west is not passable with our Wasserkutsche (2 kw, approx. 3 HP).

It may only be used by boats with at least 5 HP and only with a boat license (this also applies to vehicles with less than 15 HP).

If you are in possession of a sport boat driving license, you can enter this area with our Rossi, Momme, Zilius and Schnabel (but NOT with a Wasserkutsche) – but only after 7:00 p.m. and before 10:30 a.m., because: The area between the Mühlendamm lock in the east and the Lessingbrücke in the west is only passable by vehicles with an approved and ready-to-use VHF radio device and with a person with a valid VHF radio certificate on board between 10:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

In order to go west with our boats (Havel / Wannsee), this blocked Spree area can be bypassed via the Landwehr Canal (runs between Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg).

The Landwehr Canal may only be used one-way (direction west) by vehicles with 5 HP or more (Rossi), Wasserkutschen may travel in both directions.

What happens in case of damage?

In case of damage please call the owner (us) first thing and in case of an accident in addition call the water police.

In the event of damage you are liable excess is 1500 Euros (please see our Terms & Conditions). If you have booked the optional liability reduction (15 Euros per booking and boat) your liability is reduced to 250 Euros. Any costs over 1500 or 250 Euros respectively, are covered by the owner’s insurance company.

At the start of the charter period you leave a deposit of 250 Euro. The owner has the right to use this for any damage and loss caused.