Short Tours

Pack Your Swimsuit

Up along the River SPREE, after 2 hours boating upstream to the east, you will see the picturesque old town of KÖPENICK.

The waterway is divided: Portside (left) goes straight through to Köpenick and then round to GROSSER MÜGGELSEE (Large Müggelsee).

Starboard (right) joins the LANGER SEE (Long Lake), located between Müggelberg and Grünau. Both lakes are not only clean but very beautiful. Just drop anchor and jump into the water. Refreshing!

A bit further? Behind the MÜGGELSEE awaits KLEIN VENEDIG (Little Venice), a district of Berlin that should only be explored by water. Through the many channels you will see lots of pretty gardens and cute pergolas.

The Kreuzberger Tour

Why look too far? Right next to the port of WASSERKUTSCHE, beyond the lock, you can boat into the tree lined avenue-like LANDWEHRKANAL (Landwehr Canal). At the first intersection turn right and you are already at the URBANHAFEN (Urban Port) in the middle of the city. And if you are plagued by hunger or thirst, the restaurant-ship JOSEPHINE, a good friend of WASSERKUTSCHE, has everything you require for your stomach and for your heart.

The Neukölln Trip

Joyous discovery! Who knows the hippest neighborhood in Berlin – from the water? Through the lock around the corner (first turn left) from the WASSERKUTSCHE port, dive into an urban adventure. In this original tour, you will get to know Berlin as it really is. Boating under highway bridges, passing living ghetto areas, being amazed at the small industrial port Neukölln, where you will have to master a lock in manual mode. Go further, turn left back over the BRITZER ZWEIGKANAL (Britz Branch Channel) and into the SPREE, where you can turn left, passing by TREPTOWER PARK and the INSEL DER JUGEND (Isle of Youth) to find your way back to the WASSERKUTSCHE port.

The Mini Trip

For those who just want to chill. Let five be even, as they say in German. Drive a bit, anchor, do nothing. Boat a little up the river SPREE and take a dip in the water between the two tiny islands LIEBESINSEL and KRATZBRUCH, or continue into the RUMMELSBURGER BUCHT (Rummelsburg Bay). Nice and peaceful, you can throw your anchor here or have a picknick and barbecue at the 24-hour jetty.