Long Tours

Seddinsee and Beyond

One of our favorite lakes. Surrounded by forest, the cleanest water and beautiful beaches. There is a pretty fish restaurant and a rustic steakhouse to anchor at. On the SEDDINSEE you can easily take a few days off! It is simple to reach: on LANGER SEE (Long Lake, see “Pack Your Swimsuit” tour) continue straight to the river DAHME, along past the GROSSE KRAMPE (also worth visiting), and after about 5 hours on your left hand, while the water majestically expands: the SEDDINSEE.

For the return trip we advise you to drive through the GOSENER KANAL (Gosen Channel) at the end of SEDDINSEE to DÄMERITZSEE, from there to the MÜGGELSPREE through KLEIN VENEDIG (Little Venice) and through the KLEINER (small) MÜGGELSEE (good anchorage!) and through to the GROSSER (big) MÜGGELSEE. From there take the SPREE downstream back to the city.

Whoever is still up and running on the DÄMERITZSEE has the opportunity to head east a bit to the old MÜGGELSPREE. This gives a unique impression of this river called the SPREE. An insider tip and a highlight!

The Flakensee Decision

He who manages to reach FLAKENSEE can claim to know the waters of Berlin. This pearl of a lake (sundown: priceless) is accessible by DÄMERITZSEE (see “Seddinsee and Beyond” tour) via the channel. This puts the ambitious recreational skipper, hungry for more sensational nature experiences, before the unanswerable question: Continue enjoying the Flakensee – or go even deeper into the fabulous water landscape? For this we have 2 wonderful options:

a) The Löcknitz Dream: A little bit hidden, this natural river winds from Flakensee through dense magic forests and merges first in the WERLSEE, which is connected to the PEETZSEE and later MÖLLENSEE. Anchored in the tip of the MÖLLENSEE you will most probably have a piece of nature to yourself.

b) The Rüdersdorfer Waters: A trip with a particular colour. Through the Woltersdorfer gate of the Flakensee, head north on the KALKSEE and through the MÜHLENFLIESS. Head on to the very lovely and large STIENITZSEE. On the left and right there are still remnants of the once sweeping limestone quarries – industrial ruins alternate with pristine nature. It could not be more romantic.

Lake Overkill

If you are hooked on lakes because of the SEDDINSEE (see “Seddinsee and Beyond” tour) – get your money’s worth here. After passing Schmöckwitz you will join the pretty ZEUTHENER SEE, leading to the so-called GROSSER ZUG and subsequently KROSSINSEE, through cozy WERNSDORF and the ODER-SPREE-CHANNEL back in to the SEDDINSEE.

And if you feels fidgety on the ODER-SPREE-WASSERSTRASSE (Oder-Spree-Waterway) and want to continue into the distance, you can continue east and will pass Fürstenwalde and Eisenhuettenstadt, and after about 2 days of boating will reach the gate to the river ODER – where the trip ends, unfortunately, because the ODER flow is too strong for our water coach.

Emerald Scharmützelsee

Many lakes want to be the most beautiful one. The Scharmützelsee is way up front. From ZEUTHENER SEE (see “Lake Overkill” tour) head straight through the lock NEUE MÜHLE (New Mill), pass by the KRÜPELSEE and the beautiful DAHME, along the DOLGENSEE and WOLZIGER SEE, then through the STORKOWER CHANNEL and the BIG STORKOWER SEE – after two beautiful days you will reach the deep, clear SCHARMÜTZELSEE, where you can comfortably stay for a whole week: pure natural luxury!

Insider Tip: Teupitzer See

Behind the DOLGENSEE (see “Emerald Scharmützelsee” tour) you can go starboard across the old East German forest lake SCHMÖLDESEE, into the HÖLZERNER SEE (Wooden Lake), the KÖRISER SEE and soon thereafter into the fantastically widening TEUPITZER SEE, with its magnificent panorama. Out of this world!

Wannsee Tour

Even the most famous lake in Berlin is within reach for our water coaches. Approach from near the port of WASSERKUTSCHE, through the BRITZER ZWEIGKANAL (Britzer Branch Channel), which extends to the TELTOW KANAL. Six hours straight on through the lock KLEIN-MACHNOW and into the GRIEBNITZSEE, then right into the GROSSER WANNSEE (Big Wannsee) with its many sights such as PFAUENINSEL (Peacock Island).

Waters of Potsdam

To Sansscouci by WASSERKUTSCHE? No problem! Simply go through GRIEBNITZSEE (see “Wannsee Tour”), the GLIENICKER BRÜCKE (Glienicker Bridge) will appear in front of you. Left to POTSDAM, with its comfortable moorings. Here you can explore the SCHWIELOWSEE (Albert Einstein’s house in Caputh!) and proceed into the wider, lake-like HAVEL to the fruit paradise WERDER. Best shopping for fresh fruit and good wine! Then back to Potsdam, or make a big loop down via HAVEL, SACROW-PARETZER-KANAL, past JUNGFERNSEE and from there back to the GLIENICKER BRÜCKE. Legendary!